Must Read

“ The Must Read Page as mentioned. Here you will find answers to common questions, and guide how to download in case you are in doubt. Make sure you read this atleast once. Leave your feedback and queries below. Thanks! ”


PCGamesCDN, PC Games Downloading CDN, was created under Projekt Freak! We started off our journey inspired from basically common websites all over the world. We aim to provide the all types of game available under our radar, to you, through direct download links and torrents. Our release are custom, mostly extracted directly from Scene or P2P Groups. This website has been resurrected so have patience till we upload every game we can find. That’s all for now. Moving on.

We work both on design and content, unlike any game downloading website. Let us know what you think of our new design. It pretty much took a lot to build it.


As we love to deliver as many as links possible, most of our links look like this:-

Release Name:- XCOM.2.Anarchys.Children.DLC-CODEX  
Type: DLC Pack
Size: 0.7 GB  
Server: DLHA [1 Parts RARs with 5%RR]
Password Protected:[YES]


Sometimes it might be too confusing as there are so many of them, so let us help you out.

  • Release Name: Release Name, mentions the game name – cracking group.
  • Type: Whether it is simple release, repack, update, crackfix or DLC.
  • Size: Obviously the size of release.
  • Server: Mentions the server we extracted the link from and type of link is enclosed in [] .
  • Password Protected:[] mentions Yes or No and the password is typed next.
  • If you find any mistake or any of above let us know. Anything. We aim to be prefect with the limited amount of knowledge we have.
  • Some release may exist but may not work in all systems. So once we try it and it didn’t worked. Sorry, we can’t help you out.
  • Choose you server on your own. I prefer DLHA because all these links have recovery records. That means even if they are corrupt, they can be repaired.
  • Prefer Repacks if you have slow or metered connection. Else always go for Full-ISOs as they are original ones.
  • A same file maybe be present in different servers. Why? Thats what CDN means. We let you choose what and where you download. Unlike any site.
  • If a file contains 60 parts, then you have to download all 60 parts.
  • Just because a game contains tons of links, you don’t have to download all of them if you are confused. Incase first search for repack if exists, else go for Full-ISO of your choice.

  • Release Name: Game.Name-CG where CG maybe CODEX, SKIDROW, CPY, RELOADED, PLAZA, PROPHET, Hi2U, TiNYiSO, 3DM etc.
  • Type: FUll-ISO, Repack, Update, Crack Only, CrackFix, DLC, Keygen etc.
  • Size: Generally in GB.
  • Server: DLHA, DLIR, T2DL, P30D, P30DL, YDL, MDL, FTP, .etc [Number of parts of file, file type ]
  • Password Protected:[Yes/No]

We guess, thats pretty much. Comment below if you got any questions.


Here are some tips after downloading.

  • Put all your download files in one folder. Then extract just the first part to anywhere you want, don’t bother to touch others.
  • If you are getting wrong password errors, check the page for password. Don’t ask for password unless the one provided is not working.
  • If the RAR files are corrupted, just open them with WinRAR and goto Tools and Repair Archive or press Alt+R key. Rename it to original one and extract again.
  • Incase your file is ISO or Disk Image File, just mount in using PowerISO or MagicISO or Alcohol 120% or Right-click on it and Mount if the option exists.
  • After extracting and mounting the file, search for setup.exe and install the game.
  • If you installed it in C: Drive, you better run it with “Run as Adminstrator”.
  • Never forget to copy the content of either “crack” named folder or the “cracking group” name folder, to wherever you installed the game. Else your game will never work.
  • You would find instructions in every game link. Check for it always.


Here are some tips for common errors.

  • If you are getting missing DLLs or file error, check the error properly.
  • If the game stops working suddenly, either your system is at fault or the release is corrupted. Else it maybe a unique error.
  • If the servers are giving 404 error, that means the file was deleted from server. Sorry, but you have to change and download from start.
  • If the servers are giving 500 or other errors, just wait up for a day, it’s server’s downtime. Might be overloaded.
  • We will fix the dead links as soon as possible to just mention that in the comments.


Here are some tips about how our world works.

  • We are content providing group. We are new but, our website is still under construction, so there may be bugs. Please support us.
  • We are NOT SUPPORTING PIRACY by any means. We only deliver the content so people can test them, and buy them as the developer deserves it.
  • No file is hosted on the this website or server. As CDN, we scrap as much as files we can upload and give it to you. Sometimes if the release never work even if its tested, don’t blame us.
  • After doing everything, still the game is not working then we are sorry. This case might be commom to Online and 3DM games.
  • Except 3DM and MKDEV, which are P2P groups, no cracking group has website.


Here are some info about our updates.

  • The website will be updates with game everyday. Keep checking the Old and New Releases daily.
  • Sometimes, its confusing for us to find which release we need to upload first. COMMENT YOUR REQUEST RIGHT NOW.
  • Remember Old Release are hard to find, that’s why it takes time. Please have patience.